Welcome to our site and hopefully you are as excited about it as we are. As you can see this is a dedicated website for Canadian visitors. Yes, there are plenty of sites, but we like to think that none are as special as this one. Only because we have been very clever at collecting a wealth of information that is useful for any Canadian visitor.

We have chosen the most important topics but at the same time ones that are interesting. There is no way that we could leave out all the important aspects that Canada is so famous for, but we spiced it up by adding some intriguing information about additional things to see, do and experience in Canada that may not be thought about.

Becoming Familiar with Canada

A good vacation or visit to another country should begin by the visitor knowing a little about their destination. There is a multitude of books written about Canada. Most visitors only have a short time to enjoy this country when visiting so we wanted to get down to providing information that most visitors feel are important. We achieved this by creating a collection of top five lists that include the “must haves” like the most popular foods, drinks, attractions, and festivals. This website wants to create a good starting point for Canadian visitors.

Canadian Nights for Visitors

Canada is as equally exciting at night as it is during the day. To save some time during your research for your visit there is a post here that is going to give some examples of some very popular night time venues.

Its All About Fun

The priority when visiting Canada should be about fun. So, we are not going to disappoint you here. We have talked about the well-known forms of entertainment by giving some starters. But, at the same time, we have added some other unique adventures to really expand the enjoyment of your Canadian visit.

For the Adults

Canadian vacations and visits usually include families. Many times, websites only focus on what is important for the group. We have also but have taken it a step further and made some introductions as to the type of enjoyment the adults can have with some amazing casino action.

It is our intention for this website to become your one-stop resource for your visit to Canada. You can easily access it from your mobile devices while visiting the country. Hopefully, you will use it often and will agree that although simple it has everything you need for an amazing Canadian visitor’s experience.

The creation of this site is important to us because we feel that often visitors to Canada miss out on too much.