As a visitor to Canada, you are going to want to know what is available to you by way of entertainment. You will probably be interested in what many people like to do in an evening when visiting this country.

City Bars and Clubs

Every province in Canada has its own rules and regulations when it comes to their bars and clubs. They vary in what they have to offer. Some have different themes to them like sports bars for example. One issue that some may have is the hours of operation as they are compelled to adhere to closing hours.

With there being so many of these facilities to choose from visitors often ask the question as to which are the best ones? There is no straight answer for this because everyone has a favorite. But there has been a rating for Canadian Bars recently and those that hit the top five are:

  • Toronto – Bar Raval
  • Vancouver – The Keefer Bar
  • Calgary – Proof
  • Toronto – The Bar at Alo
  • Halifax – Lost Six Bar & Restaurant

There are still plenty more and tons that have not made the first ever list for bar ratings in Canada.

Late Night Dining

When it comes to night entertainment and dining it is common for visitors to seek locations that will offer a good choice of food during the later hours. This is becoming more popular throughout Canada. Which means there are a few food establishments catering to the late-night diners, such as;

  • 416 Snack Bar – Toronto. Specializes in small plate food choices
  • Bar Isabel – Toronto. Willing to include serving after midnight.
  • Blackfoot Truckstop Diner – Calgary. Serves great food twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Wining Dining and Dancing

This is a great combination when it comes to night entertainment. There are some great options throughout Canada to be able to participate in this type of fun all under one roof.


There are quality high-class movie theatres that can be enjoyed. But for those that really want an amazing experience then it means taking in one of the many live shows. There is surely going to be even more than one to choose from at any given time.

Canada Nightlife for the Family

There are thousands of family visitors to Canada every year. The tourism department works hard at making sure there is something for everyone visiting here. Even when it comes to the nighttime. There are plenty of activities going on that are family orientated throughout the various provinces. These are usually early evening venues, so parents can get children settled at a decent time. A good example is many of the theme parks, or various zoos that have open hours until nine or ten in the evenings.