Many people visit Canada for their first time. When they do they may have done some research and have some understanding of what this country is so famous for. For those that would like to know more the following are some top ten lists that provide more interesting information about Canada.

Top Five Favourite Canadian Foods

When visiting Canada, you are going to have some wonderful choices in food venues. Most visitors like to experiment with the cuisine of the country they are visiting. When in Canada visitors are interested in the Canadian Top five foods which most will say are:

  • 1. Poutine
  • 2. Butter tarts
  • 3. Canadian (otherwise known as Pemeal) Bacon
  • 4. Beavertails
  • 5. Split Pea Soup

Top 5 Favorite Drinks in Canada

When there is good food there must be exceptional drinks to go with it. Visitors want to try a selection at various times of the day. They want those that can be consumed with a meal and then those that are stand alone as refreshments. Some of the popular choices are;

  • 1. Caesar which is said to be Canada‚Äôs national drink
  • 2. Coffee
  • 3. Ice Wine
  • 4. Maple Whiskey
  • 5. Hot Chocolate

Top Five Most Exciting Places to Visit

What makes the top five list for the most exciting places to visit in Canada is going to depend on where one is going to be in this country. To give some options choices can be made from these top five attractions.

  • 1. Niagara Falls
  • 2. Toronto CN Tower
  • 3. Old Montreal
  • 4. Banff National Park
  • 5. Whistler

Top Five Festivals and Events

To really get the most from a visit to Canada it is worth planning a visit here where there are some main events and festivals taking place. It is not hard to do because there are always plenty of them going on. They vary at different times of the year. Here are some suggestions;

  • 1. Dine Out Vancouver: This is an annual event that is known to be the largest dining event in the country.
  • 2. Ice on Whyte: A lot of people hesitate to visit Canada in the winter. This is because of the reputation that the country has for its winter chill. But Canadians have made the best of this. By offering some great winter activities and festivals. This festival is all about ice carving and ice art. It really is a very impressive event.
  • 3. Pride Toronto: This gay parade has become known worldwide.
  • 4. Calgary Stampede: For those who vision the wild west as Canada then this western event is one that will be remembered.
  • 5. Symphony Splash: Canada is proud of all its artists and musicians. To celebrate symphony the biggest Canadian event is the Symphony Splash.

These top five lists are sure to make visiting Canada a most pleasant experience.